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Board Members:

Timothy O’Brien (Dh. Amara) - Treasurer

Timothy O’Brien (Dharmachari Amara) has been a consultant to for-profit and non-profit businesses for over 30 years. He is currently the Program Coordinator for the Northwest Dharma Association ( His Buddhist practice began at the San Francisco Zen Center in the 60’s. He is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order.


Calico Cook - Web Master

Calico has been a software developer for over 25 years and has an active interest in helping non-profits thrive online. He is also an artist, a musician, a waterman, a lover of nature and a caring father. His introduction to buddhist practice was with Buddhist Recovery, with this practice and within these meetings he found needed the recovery support and stress-management tools he needed to thrive versus just survive. As president of NWBR ( and meeting facilitator, he is working to grow the buddhist recovery community in the Pacific Northwest.


Lucia Davis - Recording Secretary

Lucia Davis, addiction counselor and recovery coach, first studied the intersection of religion and psychology while at Princeton, where she also pursued an education in photography and film. In the 1990’s NYC, Lucia became involved in the underground film-making movement, where she developed a technique to work as a one-person film crew and utilized video as a tool for political activism. Working for major television networks as a video journalist, Lucia and her camera came up-close to all manner of human suffering and despair. Footage of her personal experience filming the crumbling of the WTC on 9/11 was seen the world over. From that point onward, Lucia’s personal history as a spiritual practitioner deepened, leading her through a process of liberal theistic studies to the practice of Buddhist dharma and meditation, as well as foundational yoga and kirtan practices. Today in her work as a counselor and recovery coach, Lucia finds it essential to teach basic mindfulness practices to people recovering from addiction.


George Johns - President

George Johns is a longtime student of Vipassana meditation and Theravada Buddhism. He is the founder of the Noble Steps organization, offering meetings, meditation instruction, teaching and discussion for people incorporating Buddhist and 12-step teachings into their lives. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Kathy and their dogs, Trout and Scully.


Dridhamati - Web Admin

Dridhamati has a long standing involvement in the computer industry and has maintained the BRN website since 2008. Dridhamati has also been volunteering his time and skills for various non-profit associations (environmental, Dharma, seniors, BRN), as a member and as a board member.