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October 7th 2018 — Gary Sanders
 Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough and More

Gary Sanders

Recovery and gratitude seem to go hand in hand. In the heat of our addictions, whether substance or process, we all tend to really focus on the hardships of our lives, our trials and tribulations and get stuck in the old comparison game, comparing our insides to others outsides, a line heard frequently in 12 step meetings. That's probably a big reason why we drink, use or act out. We get stuck in the unhealthy mental loop of "poor me", "why me" or "what's wrong with me"...those "Greatest Hits of Addiction", right? We start to believe those stories, we start to program these minds to constantly get hyper-focused on the difficult and painful. And we suffer.
So, with this practice of gratitude, we can begin to rewire the mind to appreciate what is good and true and wholesome. This isn't a make-believe practice. As the internet meme says "there's ALWAYS something to be grateful for". Let's dive into this more, practice with it and find some freedom.

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Welcome to the Buddhist Recovery Network Academy!

The BRN Academy is a new incarnation of the former Healing and Insight Teaching Faculty, co-founded by Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John and Giles Collins. The Academy has invited some of the leading teachers in the field of Buddhist recovery. On the first Sunday of every month for half an hour each teacher will explore the sharp edges of suffering through the lens of the Buddhist Teachings.

The Academy brings together teachers from different Buddhist lineages and approaches. Themes like addiction, alcoholism, depression, stinking thinking and compulsive behaviours will be explored through a 5 minute meditation/reflection, a 15 minute talk and ten minutes for questions.

Being aware of the pressures imposed by international time zones, the Academy attempts to offer as convenient times as possible for most people currently involved with the BRN. The teachings will commence on the first Sunday of every month at:

Note: the 'room' will be open 15 minutes ahead of time for a prompt start as indicated on the timetable.

If you are interested in attending any of the online teachings please enroll here.

We at the BRN are very excited by this new development, and we hope you will join our Academy and benefit from this invaluable opportunity.

With warmth and kindness,
President, Buddhist Recovery Network