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Eddie LeShure

Eddie LeShure

Eddie initiated his regular meditation practice in 1982 and has been a practicing Buddhist since then, having studied and sat on three continents with dozens of eminent teachers, spending the equivalent of two years in retreat setting. As a meditation teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200), Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC) and person in long term recovery, he facilitates groups in various treatment and recovery settings, leads series classes, workshops, retreats, trainings for health professionals, and regularly presents at conferences and conventions. He has a deep passion for offering evidence-based, body-centered, mindfulness and self-compassion practices for addiction recovery, trauma relief, and self-care. Eddie is on staff at the Center for Spiritual Emergence, and is co- founder of A Mindful Emergence, LLC.



  • October 6th 2019Noticing Tracking and Shifting Perception

    There is a correlation between our inner state of being and our outer circumstances. By noticing our inner sensations and thoughts, tracking them to witness their changes, we make the unconscious conscious and can hold the inner and the outer experiences in an attitude of expanded focus. Observing our own continuously evolving experience centers us in reality and allows us to nourish whatever arises with less fear and more love. Developing an increased capacity for resiliency allows for a shift in perception toward a more loving state of being in which to create our reality. In this webinar we will discover our own organic wisdom to notice patterns, track changes and transform limited perceptions. Rather than a constant search for that elusive something out there, we turn attention within to feel for what wants to emerge.

    Noticing thoughts, stories and sensations and tracking them to observe positive changes as they happen can shift our perception, and create greater clarity and meaning in life.