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Kara Haney

Kara Haney

Kara Haney has practiced meditation and studied Buddhism since 1993. With over twenty years in recovery, her background includes both Buddhist practice in the understanding of craving and twelve-step recovery. Since 2013 she has assisted in starting Buddhist recovery groups within communities, addiction treatment facilities, and jails; and continues to be a foundational member and mentor for the Buddhist recovery community. Kara was empowered to teach by Bob Stahl and was also trained to facilitate Mindfulness and Buddhist meditation by JoAnna Hardy and Vinny Ferraro of the former Against the Stream Meditation Society. She teaches weekly Dharma groups, daylong retreats, and offers Dharma courses such as "A Year to Live" and "Eightfold Path." Kara completed a twenty-year career as a dental surgical assistant and currently enjoys living in Santa Cruz while working towards a Masters degree in Social Work.


  • September 1st 2019