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Pablo Das

Pablo Das

Pablo is a mindfulness based nutrition, wellness and recovery counselor. He centralizes mindfulness practice as well as the principles of non-religious Buddhist Dharma in his client work. He is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NYC) and has trained in food therapy at the Natural Gourmet Institute (NYC). He is trained and empowered to teach meditation and Dharma by Noah Levine at the Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society (L.A.) He is a strong advocate for empowering and non dogmatic approaches to nutrition, wellness and recovery. Pablo is a nationally distributed indie-folk punk musician. He volunteers at a suicide helpline for Gay Youth. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.Pablo Das has been teaching Buddhist practice and principles since 2009 and practicing since 1991. He's a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing (sep), a body centered system for the management and resolution of trauma and is currently assisting professional trainings. He was on the founding treatment team at Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist, trauma informed outpatient treatment program for drug and alcohol Addiction. He has trained as a holistic health coach (hhc) at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and studied Food therapy under Annemarie Colbin at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City. Pablo currently maintains a private coaching practice, integrating Buddhist practice and principle, trauma resolution and holistic health models. He studied council practice at the Ojai foundation and teaches classes on interpersonal (relational) mindfulness, and has taught mindfulness retreats for teens. He has worked in suicide prevention for the LGBTQ teen population and teaches workshops for the LGBTQ community. He's also an indie-folk (antifolk) musician and performer, and a nationally published writer. He lives and works in Los Angeles.


  • June 2nd 2019Trauma, Addiction and Self-Regulation
    Trauma, whether connected to early childhood, an event as an adult or to social oppression, changes our nervous system, our physiological responses to life and impacts our self image, relational capacities, perception and self regulatory abilities. It is, in my view, a core underlying cause for the arising of addiction patterns. Looking through the trauma lense, addiction could be viewed as a means of regulating the underlying pervasive dis-regulation associated with addiction. Therefore “recovery” involves “recovering” or more likely developing self regulatory capacities. What we learn in Meditation is that where we direct or attention has a profound impact on the way we feel. In this session I’ll give an overview of trauma and how it functions and offer a few simple attention based or reflective exercises that support regulation of the nervous system. With trauma, self regulatory capacities are lost or never developed. And it is, in my view one of the core causal factors in addiction Often people with a history of trauma will have extra challenges that require additional tools and a different framework for how to think about what it means to be present without overwhelm.