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Vanessa Wang

Vanessa Wang

Vanessa Wang is currently a Clinical Psychology PhD student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Her research focus is on the intersectionality of Buddhist psychology and Western psychology. She brings her passion of advocating for diversity, inclusivity, equity, accessibility, and social justice into both her clinical work and research. Among these, decolonizing Western Dharma is an issue that is close to her heart. Vanessa earned a master’s in Religious Studies with a focus on Buddhism at University of the West in Los Angeles. She gained passion in learning about Buddhism and its liberating effects of mental struggles when she was studying at a forest monastery in Taipei, Taiwan about 10 years ago. Vanessa is also in recovery from substances, addictive behaviors, depression, and trauma. She is involved in both Buddhist Recovery Network and Recovery Dharma Global. Vanessa is also a spoken word poet, plant lover, and boba fanatic.


  • July 3rd 2022Seeing ourselves in the face of suffering, loss, trauma, and joy



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