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Videos of the last five teachings

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Date: September 3rd 2023 — Laura Burges
The Zen Way of Recovery



Date: August 6th 2023 — Silasiri
Committing to Change



Date: July 2nd 2023 — Vince Cullen
The Basic Pattern of Things: Managing Expectations



Date: June 4th 2023 — Fresh “Lev” White
Understanding No Self and a World Based on Identities



Date: May 7th 2023 — Thomas Tran
The Karma Garden—A missing tool of Buddhist Recovery for process addictions



Date: April 2nd 2023 — Kevin Griffin
Long Enduring Mind



Date: March 5th 2023 — Gary Sanders
Forgiveness on the Path to Recovery



Date: February 5th 2023 — Mary Stancavage
All You Need is Love



Date: January 1st 2023 — Kevin Griffin
Beginning Again



Date: December 4th 2022 — Vimalasara Mason-John
In Dialogue with Vimalasara



Date: November 6th 2022 — Silasiri
A Place Between: What's Along the Middle Way?



Date: October 2nd 2022 — Vimalasara Mason-John
Ask anything about Recovery and Dharma - and see what you discover



Date: September 4th 2022 — Fresh “Lev” White
Practicing In Sangha: Diversity & Belonging



Date: August 7th 2022 — Carol Cano
In the Season of Fire



Date: July 3rd 2022 — Vanessa Wang
Seeing ourselves in the face of suffering, loss, trauma, and joy



Date: June 5th 2022 — Gaylon Ferguson
The Bravery of Mindfulness Awareness Meditation



Date: May 1st 2022 — Mary Stancavage
Letting in the Joy



Date: April 3rd 2022 — Vince Cullen
Looking for the Truth - The 'secret' facts of life hidden in plain view



Date: March 6th 2022 — Kaira Jewel Lingo
We Were Made for These Times: Lessons for Moving Through Change, Loss and Disruption



Date: February 6th 2022 — Kevin Griffin
The Breath of Recovery



Date: January 2nd 2022 — Martine Batchelor
Meeting Life With Joy



Date: December 5th 2021 — Carol Cano
Reclaiming your Own Original Medicine: The Season of Letting-go as Practice of Self-preservation



Date: November 7th 2021 — Vimalasara Mason-John
A Taste of Freedom



Date: October 3rd 2021 — Ven Pannavati Bhikkhuni



Date: September 5th 2021 — Fresh “Lev” White
Loving Ourselves Towards Freedom



Date: August 1st 2021 — Kevin Griffin
Outside Issues and All Our Affairs: The Challenge of Integrating Social Activism in Our Spiritual Practice



Date: July 4th 2021 — Vince Cullen
Cabbages and Condoms



Date: June 6th 2021 — Ralph Steele
Knowing I Am On The Dharma Path



Date: May 2nd 2021 — Myokei Caine-Barrett
Changing Poison into Medicine



Date: April 4th 2021 — Mary Stancavage
Relax the Body, Relax the Mind



Date: March 7th 2021 — Rachel Lewis
Showing Up for Life As It Is



Date: February 7th 2021 — Kara Haney
Watch Your Tone: Awareness of Feeling Tones



Date: December 6th 2020 — Mary Stancavage
Moving into Spaciousness



Date: November 1st 2020 — Vimalasara Mason-John
Meditating during Uncertain Times



Date: October 4th 2020 — Caverly Morgan
Liberation Now: From the Progressive Path to Direct Experience



Date: September 6th 2020 — Ralph Steele
Embodying Emotions with Somatic Meditation



Date: August 2nd 2020 — Gary Sanders
Emotional Sobriety: Comfortable in Your Own Skin



Date: July 5th 2020 — Kevin Griffin
Reflection on Recovery



Date: April 5th 2020 — Loch Kelly
Effortless Mindfulness for Addiction Recovery: One Glimpse at a Time



Date: March 1st 2020 — Fresh “Lev” White
Perfect As We Are: A Self Compassion Practice



Date: February 2nd 2020 — Vince Cullen
Concrete Beds and Wooden Pillows... Waking Up the Hard Way (or Finding Insight but not Serenity)



Date: January 5th 2020 — Kara Haney
Generosity: Transforming the Heart



Date: December 1st 2019 — Vimalasara Mason-John
Watch the Triggers: The Festive Season is Here



Date: November 3rd 2019 — Martine Batchelor
Breaking Free of Habits



Date: October 6th 2019 — Eddie LeShure
Noticing Tracking and Shifting Perception



Date: September 1st 2019 — Kara Haney



Date: August 4th 2019 — Joan Tollifson
Recovery Is Now, Awareness Is the Key



Date: July 7th 2019 — Angyu Devin Ashwood
Living an Authentic Life



Date: June 2nd 2019 — Pablo Das
Trauma, Addiction and Self-Regulation



Date: May 5th 2019 — Ralph Steele
Racism In The Buddhist Sangha



Date: April 7th 2019 — Mary Stancavage
Letting Go of Our Stories



Date: March 3rd 2019 — Vince Cullen
The Pearl in Sorrow's Hand



Date: February 3rd 2019 — Vimalasara Mason-John
Coming Home To The Body with Breath



Date: January 6th 2019 — Caroline Brazier
Greed, Hate and Delusion: A Buddhist Theory of Everything



Date: December 2nd 2018 — Acharya Passatininna (Christie Bates)
The Dharma in Family Recovery



Date: November 4th 2018 — George Johns
A Searching and Fearless Meditation



Date: October 7th 2018 — Gary Sanders
Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough and More



Date: September 2nd 2018 — Ruth King
Mindful of Race



Date: August 5th 2018 — Steven Tierney, Ed.D.
Suffering and Happiness – Both are Present, Embrace Them



Date: July 1st 2018 — Angyu Devin Ashwood
The Practice of Freedom



Date: June 3rd 2018 — Kevin Griffin
Living Kindness



Date: May 6th 2018 — Ralph Steele
Insight into Awakening



Date: April 1st 2018 — Mary Stancavage
Letting Go of the Second Arrow



Date: March 4th 2018 — Tuere Sala
Seeing Pass the Impulse



Date: February 4th 2018 — Vince Cullen
M.A.R.A. and the Gatekeepers



Date: January 7th 2018 — Vimalasara Mason-John


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