Getting Started in Buddhist Recovery

What is Buddhist Recovery?

The terms Buddhist Recovery, or Mindful Recovery, describe a path to living more happily without our harmful, compulsive behaviors. There are an increasing number of support groups around the world for people who are integrating meditation and mindfulness practices with programs of recovery from a variety of addictions. While there are many types of meetings to choose from, these support groups, or Sanghas all share the same basic elements:

  • They meditate together, and encourage the development of a regular sitting practice.
  • They study and discuss material based on Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and ethical behavior.
  • They encourage the development of Sangha, creating a safe environment for people to support each other in sobriety, health and happiness.

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Get Started!

One of our community members has donated an informative video about how to get started in Buddhist Recovery

Common Questions

How do I find a meeting?
If possible, try several meetings and see what resonates for you.  Just go for it and refine as you go!

It is relatively easy to find an online meeting these days, see our online meeting list. It is organized by time and can be filtered by by time-zone or program.

There are a lot there to choose from! To help with overwhelm we have curated a few of them onto our featured online meetings page.

If you are looking for in-person meetings, you can browse by region on our meetings page.

Do I need to be a Buddhist?

You need not be a Buddhist to benefit from a Buddhist-oriented recovery meeting. Whether you are a practicing Buddhist, are curious about Buddhist teachings, or have been through a Mindfulness-based workshop or program, there is a meeting that will suit your level of interest in Buddhism and mindfulness practice.

Do I need to know how to meditate?

At all Buddhist-oriented recovery meetings, beginner as well as seasoned meditators practice sitting together using audio or written meditations by actual teachers. Some meetings are led by qualified instructors, or they may invite a guest teacher to do the instruction. If you want to go further with your meditation study, there are many resources for classes and meditation instruction online. Check your local online resource regularly for information about events and meetings in your area.

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