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2009 Inaugural Conference

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“Recovery from Addiction in a Buddhist Context”

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The full 2009 Inaugural Conference brochure is now available for download . You may also wish to read the various parts of the brochure on line below.


International Expansion of the BRN

The United Kingdom

Do you have links to the UK? If you are interested in developing the ideas proposed at this conference by helping to create a regional Buddhist Recovery Network movement in the UK, we want to hear from you. As a first step, an electronic mailing list has been set up to promote discussion and sharing of ideas. If you want to subscribe to this mailing list, please visit:

www.buddhistrecovery.org.uk or email devin at zendesigns dot org

Enjoy the conference! Angyu Devin Ashwood



Paul Saintilan (the Interim Chair of the Network) is based in Sydney, Australia, and is interested in establishing an Australian chapter of the Buddhist Recovery Network. Please contact him via contact at buddhistrecovery dot org if you are interested in becoming involved.


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