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Some links to other resources on Buddhist Recovery

Parents in Buddhist Recovery Raising Children

Books & Reviews on Recovery and Buddhism



Academy Videos

Academy Podcasts


Online Programs and Communities

Bill K.’s blog on the 12 Steps and Zen koans, and more

Buddhist Recovery (on Reddit)

Buddhist Recovery Circle 

Eight Step Recovery

Fith Precept Sangha



Meditation: Working with Addictions

Rebel Saint Dharma

Recovery Dharma

Recovery Resource Hub

Refuge Recovery

The 12-fold path

The 83 Problems


Links related to book review commentary

Kevin Griffin - www.kevingriffin.net

Bradford Hatcher - www.hermetica.info

Noah Levine / Dharma Punx - www.dharmapunx.com

Judith Ragir - www.judithragir.org/12_step_lectures.htm

Santikaro - www.liberationpark.org/events/12step.htm

Laura S. / 12 Steps on Buddha’s Path - www.soberkarma.com

Claude Anshin Thomas / At Hell’s Gate - www.zaltho.org

Naikan - www.todoinstitute.org


Other miscellaneous links on Buddhism and Recovery

AA Agnostica (A space for AA agnostics, atheists and freethinkers worldwide) - aaagnostica.org

Addiction Recovery Through Yoga  - www.gaia.com/article/addiction-recovery-through-yoga

Addiction Today / Addiction Recovery Foundation - www.addictiontoday.org

Auckland Buddhist Centre - Buddhist Recovery - aucklandbuddhistcentre.org/buddhistrecoverynetwork

Balanced Holistic Weight Management - www.balancedweightmanagement.com

East-West Detox is a British charity dedicated to offering a holistic alternative treatment and support of substance misusers; using herbal detoxification at Thamkrabok Monastery, combined with meditation and mindfulness for relapse prevention, life coaching and skill building to enable full recovery and re-integration into society - East-West Detox

Faces and Voices of Recovery (Organizing the recovering community) - www.facesandvoicesofrecovery.org

Helping Others Live Sober (A more secular approach to the principles of giving, compassion, integrity, and responsibility) - www.helpingotherslivesober.org

Integrating Buddhism and 12-Step recovery from all addictions - the12stepbuddhist.com

Integrating Psychology and Spirituality for the relief of personal suffering - info.med.yale.edu

Scott Kiloby - kiloby.com

Lisa Dale Miller (Awakened Presence Psychotherapy) - www.lisadalemiller.com

Mindful Solutions for Addiction and Relapse Prevention (Drs. Elisha and Stefanie Goldstein) - elishagoldstein.com

Mindfulness Bibliography (A PDF bibliography of mindfulness literature) - marc.ucla.edu

Mindfulness for Recovery (Buddhist Based Practices for Abstinence & Recovery from Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions) - www.5th-precept.org

New Life Foundation
- www.newlifethaifoundation.com
- Facebook: New Life Foundation

Northwest Buddhist recovery - www.nwbuddhistrecovery.org

One Mind Dharma - oneminddharma.com

Paul Hedderman (A Zen slap to your mind...) - www.zenbitchslap.com

Paul Trafford (A dissertation on avoiding pamada and the 5th Precept) - Thesis

Pounds for Poverty (Get healthy, give back) - www.poundsforpoverty.com

Problem with the God Thing (For those in AA having a problem with the God thing) - www.probthing.com

ProTalk (A Rehabs.com community) - Is Mindfulness an Emerging Treatment for Addiction?

Sacred Connections (Unifying Principles of the 12 Steps of A.A. in the Wisdom Traditions) - www.12wisdomsteps.com

San Francisco Zen Center - Meditation in Recovery

Refuge Recovery - A Buddhist Path to Recovering from Addiction

The 83 Problems - the83problems

The Mindful Addict (Tom Catton talks about his book The Mindful Addict in a YouTube video) - The Mindful Addict

The Secular Buddhist (Paul Saintilan talks about his involvement in the Buddhist Recovery Network and the use of Buddhist practice in recovering from addiction --podcast) - www.thesecularbuddhist.com

The Smart Buddhist (Modern Psychology applied with Buddhist Philosophy for lasting recovery from dependence) - facebook.com/SMARTBuddhist

The Spiritual Self-Schema development program (Integrating psychology and spirituality for the relief of personal suffering) - 3-S.us

Thamkrabok Monastery Detox and Rehab

Associated websites

The Twelve Steps of Liberation - lionsroardharmacenter.org

Vipassana Meditation Courses in Prisons - www.prison.dhamma.org

Wildmind (Meditation resources) - www.wildmind.org

YAKITA Drug Recovery Center & Community, Indonesia - yakita.webs.com

Yes, We're Buddhists Too -  Jan Willis examines the subtle—and not so subtle—racism that exists in American Buddhism. - www.lionsroar.com

- www.zenbitchslap.com




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