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Buddhist Recovery, Daily Practice

“Buddhist Recovery, Daily Practice”

Sheldon Clark
Buddhist Recovery Circle
Independently Published, 2022.
ISBN 979-8423720056

School/perspective: Zen Buddhism and Buddhist Recovery

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Jason -

Buddhist Recovery, Daily Practice focuses on very real practices needed to start a strong recovery with Buddhist philosophy, or to deepen your approach to practices held dear. The practices go through usable real world applications that I find very helpful in expanding the way I think about my practice in dharma based recovery.

Written in a very creative way that touches on aspects most find difficult while developing a daily practice, it unpacks practices of most benefit and in a very thoughtful way. The book also assists building one’s practices with a focus on strengthening one’s interrelationships with the community and sangha. “Service to others is sobriety and awakening in action“ Sheldon deftly expounds on the Eightfold Path, and offers a deepening of perspectives that support their ease of practice, and altogether new perspectives in ways to approach them. Practices in Taking Refuge are a breath of fresh air, as is the section on Practicing with Precepts as Ethical Conduct.

This book encourages an organic shift from beginning in sobriety to a rich daily practice that one can craft themselves.

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