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Wake Yourself Up

“Wake Yourself Up — Spiritual Enlightenment For Ordinary People: A Complete Guide Using Mindfulness Meditation, Diet and Exercise”

Marcus Conte
Flexible Manikin Books, 2012.
Kindle Edition. 256 pages.

School/perspective: Theravada, Zen and Shambhala Buddhism/Meditation and Vipassana meditation; AA/NA, 11th step

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Chapter headings:

  • About
  • 1. When We Become
  • 2. The Great I Am
  • 3. 500 BC
  • 4. Inner Space Travel
  • 5. Awareness
  • 6. We Are Responsible
  • 7. Sitting Meditation
  • 8. Insight Meditation
  • 9. A Nonviolent Diet
  • 10. Run and Become
  • 11. Our Friend Death
  • 12. Enlightenment
  • Appendix


Selected excerpts:

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