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Note: We are working to bring back map-based meeting navigation, we had some issues with many meetings not appearing and thought it prudent to not have a misleading feature in the meantime. 

Do you facilitate a recovery meeting suitable for people interested in Buddhism? Perhaps an ‘Eleventh Step’ meeting which includes a period of meditation? Or a Dharma discussion group formed by those in recovery? If so, you can apply to have your meeting listed here in our Directory.

To have your meeting listed

Please contact us providing: the day of the week/month; the time; the street address, city, country; a contact email address (which will be included in the listing); how many months/years the meeting has been running; the meeting format and approach; any Buddhist Center or established teacher under whose supervision the meeting is conducted. The Buddhist Recovery Network reserves the right to list or not list a meeting. Meetings can be both within the AA tradition and outside of the AA tradition (an example of the latter would be a Dharma discussion group held at a Buddhist Center by people in recovery for people in recovery).

Our important disclaimer!

While the Buddhist Recovery Network will attempt to vet the meetings listed, we cannot officially endorse any meeting, and encourage you to conduct your own due diligence to determine its suitability for your needs. The meetings are potentially a great source of additional support. Whether a meeting is appropriate for your needs, or whether it has the potential to become a key source of support, is a decision only you can make. Please also note that meeting participants or facilitators do not have the authority to speak on behalf of the Buddhist Recovery Network. If you have a negative experience at a meeting, which was related to the way the meeting was conducted, please contact us.


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