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Buddhist Recovery Meetings: United States > Tennessee > Nashville

Recovery Dharma: RD @ Wild Heart (Book Study)

Day/time: Monday  —  7:00pm CT


3123 Gallatin Pike, Nashville, TN   Map

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RD @ Wild Heart (Book Study)
Wild Heart Meditation Center
3123 Gallatin Pike. Nashville, TN 37216

Contact: Email- recoverydharmanashville@gmail.com
Website(s)- https://recoverydharma.org

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Buddhism & the 12 Steps

Day/time: Wednesdays  —  7:15pm CT

Nashville Recovery Center

6030 Neighborly Ave., Nashville, TN 37209   Map
Meetings will be held in the small building in the back of the center, behind the main building

Other info:

Buddhism & the 12 Steps will meet at 7:15 every Wednesday at the
Nashville Recovery Center, starting March 1st. Meetings will be free,
peer-led and open to anyone seeking recovery from any type of

This will be a reboot of the meetings by the same name that used to
meet at Wild Heart Meditation Center. It is not affiliated with any
organization or specific fellowship such as Alcoholics Anonymous or
Recovery Dharma, although many of us are also members of those

Like other 12-step fellowships, the only requirement for membership is
a desire to stay sober and to help other addicts to achieve sobriety.
There will be no dues or fees, nor will we accept donations from
outside sources — except for the space, which NRC has kindly offered
to let us use free of charge. All members are welcome to attend
monthly business meetings where we decide democratically on service
positions, changes to the format, etc.

Format: meetings start with a guided meditation read from a
script by a member (15 minutes), then we take turns reading from a
book on Buddhist approaches to recovery (starting with “One Breath at
a Time” by Kevin Griffin), using that as a springboard for anyone to
share about their experience, strength and hope.

Contact: Phone- Sterling: (615) 438-3709 - Matt (615) 393-0724    Email- matta.mitta.metta@gmail.com
Website(s)- https://nashvillerecoverycenter.com/

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Embracing Inner Child

Day/time: Friday  —  6:30pm - 7:30pm CT

Online - Mindful Nashville

100 Taylor Street, Nashville, TN 37208   Map

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Meeting via Zoom

Password: 0100TAYLOR

20 minutes of meditation followed by open shares based on ACA Recovery.

Contact: Camile Phone- 615-887-8544    Email- innerchild1978@gmail.com

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Dharma practice and study group

Day/time: Sundays  —  6:30pm - 8:00pm

Embracing Simplicity Nashville

Email for directions, Nashville, TN 37208   Map

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Sunday Evening Meditation and Book Study

Contact: Randy Email- rwcox1@aol.com

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