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The Buddhist Recovery Network Podcasts are a new medium through which the BRN is sharing recovery wisdom and Dharma.

Podcasts are comprised of both BRN academy talks from some of the leading teachers in the field of Buddhist recovery, as well as original programming with themes like addiction, alcoholism, gratitude, joy, race, gender, and compulsive behaviours.

We have many exciting projects lined up including a series of conversations between Vimalasara, BRN President, and other leaders in Buddhist Recovery. Our current release schedule is every other Monday.

Listen at your leisure to any of the podcasts below, just click on the podcast title.

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Other Podcasts

#61 – Making the most of January with Martine Batchelor

53 minutes - Jan. 31 2022

#60 – All about the BRN Summit & the Serenity Prayer

53 minutes - Nov. 30 2021

#59 – The Newness of Life

46 minutes - Nov. 2 2021
">Episode Notes

A Talk by Pannavati"

#58 – Club Soda - Changing the world

45 minutes - Sep. 28 2021

#57 – Sun Lotus A New Buddhist Recovery Program

48 minutes - Aug. 23 2021

#56 – Sober a Whole Life

52 minutes - Jun. 27 2021

#55 – Watch Your Tone by Kara Haney

19 minutes - May. 25 2021

#54 – Coming Home to Black Body

- Apr. 19 2021
">Episode Notes

This is a talk from the SHE RECOVERS symposium about Critical Conversations About Race. We are in the unfortunate time of having to witness the Trial of Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. And during this time of the trial the slaying of Duante Wright took place in the Minneapolis. This talk although given in the fall of 2020, it is very relevant."

#53 – The Vulnerable Disco - Vince Miller & Valentine Darling

1 hour 18 minutes - Mar. 1 2021
">The Vulnerable Disco

Vince Miller and Valentine Darling chat about how they got sober, queer community in sobriety, healing from trauma, and developing friendships. Both Vince and Valentine are active on instagram. Follow Vince @thevulnerabledisco, and Valentine @goingsomewheresober. Get more information on their projects at www.TheVulnerableDisco.com and www.RecoveryDisco.com"


1 hour - Feb. 15 2021
">Recovery for the Revolution

Carolyn, who uses they/them pronouns, is a queer, non-binary Afro-Indigenous neurodivergent human in long-term recovery and believe recovery from a decolonized, anti-oppression lens can point the collective towards liberation. They are breathing fresh life into recovery and they are a powerhouse of wisdom, Im really excited to see what comes next for Carolyn and Recovery For the Revolution. To contact Carolyn you can check out www.RecoveryForTheRevolution.Com. They offer coaching and advising services as well as a form to contact them to speak at an event or on a podcast and are working on offering more community and workshop spaces for the collective.And of course, dont miss our live BRN Academy series the first Sunday of each month. Our guest teacher March 7th will be Rachel Lewis from Insight Meditation Society and Spirit rock."

#51 – Sober Voices Summit - Meet the Women Behind the Ambitious Event

52 minutes - Jan. 25 2021
">The Sober Voices Team

https://www.sobervoices.co/The Sober Voices Summit is multiple days of intentional content from a diverse array of leaders in the sober movement. This event brings together people from multifaceted backgrounds to share their stories and vision for the future of the sober movement. The content is accessible and inspiring to all sober and sober curious humans.By appealing to many types of sober and sober-curious people, the impact of the Sober Voices Summit is to amplify diverse sober voices and bring awareness to multifaceted points of view on short- and long-term sobriety.The Summit will inspire folx to see questioning or opting out of drinking culture as a major way to step into radical self-love."

#50 – Lucy Rocca Founder of Soberistas

44 minutes - Dec. 21 2020
"Lucy Rocca tells our President of BRN Vimalasara, all about Soberistas, a recovery community founded in the UK, that serves predominantly women all over the world."

#49 – Ester Nicholson - Emotional Freedom Tapping

44 minutes - Nov. 30 2020
">Critical Conversations About Race

Ester speaks on race in recovery and Emotional Freedom Tapping"

#48 – Shari Hampton - Recovery & Life Coach; Creator of "Served Up Sober"

46 minutes - Oct. 6 2020
"https://www.patreon.com/buddhistrecoverynetworkIn this episode shary speaks about life growing up as a queer teenager, and as an adult recovering from meth and drinking. She shares BIPOC recovery resources, and talks about her use of holistic recovery modalities. Shari will be facilitating the upcoming event at SheRecovers: Healing the Effects of Racism for Black Women in Recovery: A Critical Conversation October 18thThe first half is open to all women and nonbinary folks in recovery to take part in this conversation, and the second part is a closed afterparty for black folks only.http://sharihampton.com/https://sherecovers.org/critical-conversations/http://www.servedupsober.com/"

#47 – Is Racism An Addiction?

2 hours 16 minutes - Sep. 28 2020
"https://www.patreon.com/buddhistrecoverynetworkThis topic is so incredibly important for us in recovery. Doing anti racist work is an integral part of our healing, especially in Buddhist Recovery where we aim to cause less harm. How can we do that without exploring how to be an anti racist and by learning how to not perpetuate the racism inherent in our society? AntiRacism work IS recovery work, and if you don't realize that, you are practicing spiritual bypassing and spiritual materialism. Youre holding yourself back from reaching the next step in your recovery journey. This episode is long, but that's because the topic needs that much time to explore. Listen till the end, it keeps getting better."

#46 – Taryn Strong; Founder of SheRecovers

51 minutes - Aug. 23 2020
"In this interview Taryn Strong, co-founder of SheRecovers, opens up about the trauma and inner child work she set out to do after her relapse and what it's like to run a recovery community with her mother. "At the core, we are all the same... Everyone is recovering from something" These words are core values at SheRecovers which is a program open to women and nonbinary folks no matter what they are recovering from."

#45 – Holly Whitaker author of "Quit Like a Woman" & founder of Tempest

1 hour 9 minutes - Aug. 3 2020

#44 – 35 Years Sober w/ Kevin Griffin

1 hour 19 minutes - Jul. 19 2020
"Kevin Griffin reflects on his past 35 years of sobriety using Buddhism and the 12 steps followed by Q&A."

#43 – Sex & Relationships

1 hour 25 minutes - Jun. 22 2020

#42 – Trauma Queen: Jimanekia Eborn, MS

58 minutes - Jun. 9 2020
""I have worked in mental health for the last 12 years, which is where I saw the need for sexual education and sexual trauma support.I have a MS in Health Psychology. This has led to my passion for assisting and supporting those that are sexual assault survivors and those without access to comprehensive sex education. My compassion and passion for these populations has pushed me to continue building safe spaces for clientele, sharing education, and supporting their mental spaces." - https://traumaqueen.love/"

#41 – Ojoku's Story

1 hour 9 minutes - May. 26 2020

#40 – Breaking Free of Habits

34 minutes - May. 11 2020
"https://www.patreon.com/buddhistrecoverynetworkDuring this talk Martine will look at the habits that bind us and stop our potential for wisdom and compassion manifesting fully. She will explore the meditative tools found in the Vipassana tradition like mindfulness of the breath, sounds and feeling tones to show how we can engage creatively with our habits and transform them into positive functions. When we break free from the habits that limit us, a new world of possibilities opens up. Negative patterns of mind may manifest as fear, avoidance, depression, addiction, judgment of self or other, and any of a host of other physical, mental, or psychological forms."

#39 – Weathering the Storm: A Peer Panel

1 hour 43 minutes - Apr. 28 2020
"Peers in recovery share their experience and practices for Weathering the Storm. Featuring Cliff, Amanda, Stevie & Valentine. "

#38 – Perfect As You Are: A Self Compassion Practice

1 hour 5 minutes - Apr. 15 2020
"In this session we will release self-doubt and/or self-blame, and engage in a practice of self-love and self-forgiveness."

#37 – Interview w/ Dr. Gabor Mate: Trauma, Addiction & Relapse

52 minutes - Mar. 31 2020
"Hear more of our Podcasts and Subscribe:"

#36 – Eating Disorders

32 minutes - Dec. 23 2019
"Re-Release from Taboo Addictions. Vimalasara talks about eating disorder recovery."

#35 – Surviving the Holidays with Vimalasara

58 minutes - Dec. 9 2019
"Top up on tips and coping mechanisms to deal with the next 32 days. Do the festive season with a sense of freedom and joy. Recorded from the Buddhist Recovery Network Academy: Watch the Triggers: The Festive Season is Here featuring Vimalasara Mason John. "

#34 – Intention, Mindfulness & The 12 Steps ft Kevin Griffin

1 hour 2 minutes - Nov. 25 2019
"From the International Buddhist Recovery Summit in Lacey WA September 6th 2019. Intention, Mindfulness & The 12 Steps ft Kevin Griffin"

#33 – Kim's Story - A Queer Friend of Bill

50 minutes - Oct. 31 2019
"Today on the Buddhist Recovery Network podcast we have an inspiring story by Kim who speaks about her experience through the 12 steps, she speaks about her Italian family, and her upbringing... her queerness in the rooms, and having community during this global pandemic."

#32 – Addiction & the Hell Realm

29 minutes - Oct. 30 2019
"From the International Buddhist Recovery Summit in Lacey WA September 6th 2019."

#31 – Shifting Perception

48 minutes - Oct. 28 2019
"There is a correlation between our inner state of being and our outer circumstances. By noticing our inner sensations and thoughts, tracking them to witness their changes, we make the unconscious conscious and can hold the inner and the outer experiences in an attitude of expanded focus. Observing our own continuously evolving experience centers us in reality and allows us to nourish whatever arises with less fear and more love. Developing an increased capacity for resiliency allows for a shift in perception toward a more loving state of being in which to create our reality. In this webinar we will discover our own organic wisdom to notice patterns, track changes and transform limited perceptions. Rather than a constant search for that elusive something out there, we turn attention within to feel for what wants to emerge."

#30 – Craving, the Sutta's & Addiction

52 minutes - Oct. 21 2019
"From the International Buddhist Recovery Summit in Lacey WA September 6th 2019. Craving, the Sutta's & Addiction"

#29 – Taboo Addictions: Sex, Love & Eating Disorders

1 hour 37 minutes - Oct. 14 2019
"From the International Buddhist Recovery Summit in Lacey WA September 6th 2019. Tabboo Addictions: Sex, Porn, Love, Eating Disorders and Screens."

#28 – Creating Safety in Meetings & Online Communities; Sangha Safety pt II

34 minutes - Sep. 30 2019
"From the International Buddhist Recovery Summit in Lacey WA September 6th 2019. This is the second part of our Sangha Safety discussion where the community discusses question like How do we as a sang ha set an intention for safety? What Safety Statements can we read at Meetings. What does safety look like in Online Communities? And more"

#27 – Sangha Safety ft Jean Tuller, Brian Dean Williams, Sue Neufeld-Ellis & Alex Holt

1 hour 9 minutes - Sep. 23 2019
"From the International Buddhist Recovery Summit 2019: Safe Sangha - Creating Safer Spaces. "

#26 – A Quivering of the Heart; Compassion

48 minutes - Sep. 2 2019
"Compassion: A Quivering of the Heart w/ Kara Haney"

#25 – Leaving Against the Stream, Hallucinogens & the Brahma Viharas

1 hour 25 minutes - Aug. 19 2019
"Gary Sanders and Vimalasara speak about Gary's choice to leave Against the Stream and Refuge Recovery, using Hallucinogens in addiction recovery & the importance of the Brahma Viharas."

#24 – Awareness Is the Key

38 minutes - Aug. 12 2019
"Joan has had personal experience with alcohol addiction, a fingerbiting compulsion (classified as an impulse-control disorder), compulsive thinking, and depression. She does not believe there is one recovery model that fits everyone, and she encourages people to find what works for them. What she offers is an approach rooted in open awareness giving nonjudgmental attention to the whole happening that we call addiction or compulsion or depression, without trying to change it, but simply shedding light on it. She also stresses the liberating recognition that both our apparent imperfections and the stormy weather in life are often essential to evolutionary growth and transformation, and that the light and the dark go together and cannot be pulled apart. Joan does not consider herself a Buddhist and does not belong to any tradition, but she has spent time with a number of Buddhist teachers, including Charlotte Joko Beck, Steve Hagen, Anam Thubten and Mel Weitsman, and her main teacher, Toni Packer, was a former Zen teacher who left the tradition behind to work in a more open way."

#23 – Recovery Dharma

56 minutes - Aug. 5 2019
"Amy Reed is an Asheville, NC based writer. She got sober in Oakland, CA in 2008 in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and dabbled a little in Buddhism via Kevin Griffin and Spirit Rock. When she moved to Asheville with her family in 2014, she found herself drifting away from 12-steps and struggled to find a recovery community in her new town. Then she saw a flyer for Refuge Recovery in a caf, went to her first meeting in the summer of 2016, and found exactly what she was looking for. She soon started a dedicated meditation practice, became active in her local and regional Refuge community, and was elected Ashevilles inter-sangha treasurer. In 2018, she was invited to join the Refuge Recovery Literature Committee and became part of the team that co-wrote what would eventually become The Dharma of Recovery, the first literature offering of the Recovery Dharma program. In February 2019, she joined the Refuge Recovery Board of Directors. On July 13, 2019, Amy represented the newly formed organization Recovery Dharma at the State of the State Address at the Refuge Recovery 5th Annual Conference in Chicago, joining Noah Levine in outlining the two new organizations that have been born from the dissolving of Refuge Recovery. She is currently on the core transition team of Recovery Dharma and has been busy behind the scenes helping to build this new grassroots movement using Buddhist practice and principles to end the suffering of addiction."

#22 – Living an Authentic Life

50 minutes - Jul. 22 2019
"Living an Authentic Life"

#21 – Trauma, Addiction & Self-Regulation

1 hour 9 minutes - Jul. 8 2019
"Trauma, whether connected to early childhood, an event as an adult or to social oppression, changes our nervous system, our physiological responses to life and impacts our self image, relational capacities, perception and self regulatory abilities. It is, in my view, a core underlying cause for the arising of addiction patterns. Looking through the trauma lense, addiction could be viewed as a means of regulating the underlying pervasive dis-regulation associated with addiction. Therefore recovery involves recovering or more likely developing self regulatory capacities. What we learn in Meditation is that where we direct or attention has a profound impact on the way we feel. In this session Ill give an overview of trauma and how it functions and offer a few simple attention based or reflective exercises that support regulation of the nervous system. "

#20 – Sexual Misconduct in Spiritual Communities

1 hour 5 minutes - Jul. 1 2019
"This episode features a conversation between Vimalasara and Sue Neufeld-Ellis covering the topic of sexual misconduct in spiritual communities and creating safer spaces. "

#19 – Addiction & Buddhist Sutta's; Buddhist Recovery Summit 2019 Presents:

42 minutes - Jun. 24 2019
"A Conversation with Kevin Griffin & Vimalasara on the Buddhist Sutta's and more... Listen for a sneak peak into what to expect at the upcoming Buddhist Recovery Summit. Register at BuddhistRecoverySummit.org"

#18 – A Conversation w/ Vimalasara & Kevin Griffin; Buddhist Recovery Summit 2019 Presents

31 minutes - Jun. 17 2019
"A Conversation with Kevin Griffin & Vimalasara on Kevins books, Buddhist Sutta's and more... Listen for a sneak peak into what to expect at the upcoming Buddhist Recovery Summit. Register at BuddhistRecoverySummit.org"

#17 – Sex & Love Addiction Part 3; Buddhist Recovery Summit 2019 Presents

12 minutes - Jun. 10 2019
"A Conversation with Deborah Grace & Vimalasara on sex & love addiction and more... Part 3 of a 3 part series giving a sneak peak into what to expect at the upcoming Buddhist Recovery Summit. Register at BuddhistRecoverySummit.org"

#16 – Sex & Love Addiction Part 2; Buddhist Recovery Summit 2019 Presents

30 minutes - Jun. 3 2019
"A Conversation with Deborah Grace & Vimalasara on sex & love addiction and more... Part 2 of a 3 part series giving a sneak peak into what to expect at the upcoming Buddhist Recovery Summit. Register at BuddhistRecoverySummit.org"

#15 – Sex & Love Addiction Part 1; Buddhist Recovery Summit 2019 Presents

26 minutes - May. 27 2019
"A Conversation with Vimalasara & Deborah Grace on interracial adoption, sex & love addiction and more... Part one of a 3 part series giving a sneak peak into what to expect at the upcoming Buddhist Recovery Summit. Register at BuddhistRecoverySummit.org"

#14 – Suffering and Happiness – Both are Present, Embrace Them ft. Steven Tierney, Ed.D.

20 minutes - May. 13 2019
"Suffering and Happiness Both are Present, Embrace Them"

#13 – Why Meditate pt 3

#12 – Why Meditate pt 2

#11 – Why Meditate ft Vimalasara

#10 – Letting Go of Our Stories

#9 – Living Kindness

#8 – Mindful of Race

#7 – Gratitude Turns What You Have Into Enough and More

#6 – What’s Race, Gender, Skin Color, Sexuality got to do with Non Self?

#5 – The Pearl in Sorrows Hand

#4 – Regional Buddhist Recovery Summit pt. 2

1 hour 21 minutes - Mar. 4 2019
"Support BRN https://www.buddhistrecovery.org/donate"

#3 – Regional Buddhist Recovery Summit pt. 1

#2 – Coming Home w/ Breath

#1 – Seeing Past the Impulse


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