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New Years Eve 2020


December 31st, 2020 New Years Eve Events

12pm - 7pm PST / 3pm - 10pm EST / 8pm - 1am UK
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We have pulled together an assortment of programming for New Years Eve. Come ring in the new year with the community. 

12 to 1:30 pm PST - 8pm - 9:30pm UK

Moka Presents
Black Indigenous People of Colour New Years Eve Meeting  

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Celebrate New Years With Us
Supportive Buddhist-Inspired Addiction Recovery Space 
All Black Indigenous and People of Colour Are Welcome “Let’s Get Together & Feel Alright” 
Share Your Aspirations. Come As You Are.


2 - 5pm PST / 10pm - 1am UK

Vince Cullen Presents: Sit and Sajjja (All Welcome)

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New Year Eve Intention Setting (Sacca-kiriyā)

“By this truth may there be happiness” - Buddha

Vince has given many talks on Sajja/Sacca-kiriya as an embodied practice, an example being: Sajja – A Practice for Transformation

2:00 pm PST / 10:00 pm UK  -  Connection and Conversation

2:30 pm PST / 10:30 pm UK  -  Guided Serenity Breath Meditation

3:00 pm PST / 11:00 pm UK  -  Dhamma Talk (Vince Cullen)

3:30 pm PST / 11:30 pm UK -  Sajja (Sacca-kiriyā) Intention Setting in Three Parts

  • Part One: Forgiveness Aspiration 
  • Part Two: Individual Sajja (Sacca-kiriyā) Intentions
  • Part Three: Dedication of Merit for Sajja (Sacca-kiriyā)

4:30 pm PST / 12:30 am UK (or before) Wise Heartedness Meditation

Close at 5:00 pm PST / 1 am UK) (or before) Closing Dedication of Merit 

More details about ‘Sajja’ and ‘Sacca-kiriya’ can be found in the booklet ‘From Hungry Ghost to Being Human’ on pages 14-16, 36 & 37.


5:15pm PST / 8:15 EST

Alex Holt Presents: "What Comes Next?"

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How can we truly surrender ourselves to mindfully accept the next moment, hour, or day with less trepidation and worry?


6:15pm PST / 9:15 EST

George Johns Presents: Noble Silence and Inventory. 

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How can the practice of Noble Silence, especially on a multi day retreat, assist in the inventory process (step 4) in recovery.  

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