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Buddhist Recovery Network - Anti-Harassment Policy    (Version 1.0 Dated March 24th, 2008)    

A. Preamble

As an organisation inspired by Buddhist teachings and traditions, the Buddhist Recovery Network (BRN) is committed to cultivating a harmonious environment based on mutual respect. Particular attention is drawn to the Buddhist precepts relating to ‘right speech’, as the BRN encourages communication that is kind, positive and helpful.

B. Definition

Harassment is defined here as any type of non-legitimate behavior which interferes with a member of the organisation performing their duties in a normal manner, particularly through the creation of a threatening, intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Examples of harassment provided in legislation include: unwanted physical contact; epithets; stereotypes; inappropriate jokes, comments or innuendo; and obscene or harassing phone calls or emails. Sexual harassment is also included in this policy, such as unwelcome sexual advances and requests for sexual favours. Harassment also arises if retaliation is sought against an individual who complains of discriminatory harassment.

Harassment may also be discriminatory. This is covered under the BRN’s separate Anti-Discrimination Policy.

C. The Policy

This policy applies to Directors, Officers, Employees, Volunteers. In terms of protection, it also includes those benefiting from the BRN’s services.

The BRN will not tolerate harassment, sexual harassment, or any harassing behaviour specified in Section B above.

In fact, it is not sufficient to simply refrain from negative acts. The expectation of the organisation is that individuals will cultivate a harmonious environment through positive acts.

Violation of this policy may result in a range of sanctions, up to and including expulsion from the organisation.

This policy applies to Directors, Officers, Employees, Volunteers. In terms of protection, it also includes those benefiting from the BRN’s services.

D. Process To Be Followed

Any individual who believes they have been a victim of harassment by a BRN Director, Officer, Employee or Volunteer, is encouraged to report, as soon as possible, their concerns to either their immediate supervisor or the BRN’s Chief Executive Officer (currently the organisation’s Chair). There is nothing preventing other senior figures of the organisation being contacted (such as Directors known to the individual). All such reports will be treated in a confidential manner. In filing a complaint, the organisation also draws attention to the Buddhist speech precepts in terms of truthful communication.



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