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Insight Recovery Sangha

Day/time: Thursday (3rd)  —  6:30pm - 8 pm ET

Online - Insight Meditation Society
1230 Pleasant Street, Barre, MA 01005

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Participate in all twelve modules or choose the months that work best for you.

The Insight Recovery Sangha will meet monthly on Zoom and is for anyone (self-identified) who is working with strong cravings or addictions. We will meditate, hear short dharma talks related to Buddhist teachings and recovery, and share candidly with each other in community. The purpose of this group is to foster community and learn how to apply teachings on mindfulness, compassion and wisdom to our recovery program. 

The emphasis will be on how craving causes suffering and how cultivating insight into the nature of craving can greatly ease our suffering, and help us lead more peaceful and contented lives. We have no affiliations with any other organizations and this is not a 12-Step group, although various known addiction recovery modalities may be referred to from time to time.

This group is open to everyone. There is no need to qualify for membership when you introduce yourself to the group. However, we do believe this group will work best for those committed to a life free from substance abuse and harmful addictive behaviors.

The teachers, Walt Opie and Dalila Bothwell, will serve as group facilitators, dharma teachers, and sangha (community) members. Over time, there will be guest teachers, as well.

Contact: imsonline@dharma.org Website(s)- https://ims.dharma.org/bundles/insight-recovery-sangha-2023

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