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Bellevue Lunch Bunch - Eight Step Recovery

Day/time: Tuesdays  —  1 - 2pm

Eastside Center for Family
2025 112th Ave NE #201, Bellevue, WA 98004

Other info:

This hour long lunch time group is a learning group using the book Eight Step Recovery.  We will meditate for 20 minutes, read for 5-10 minutes and share for 30 minutes. All are welcome, not just those with a drug or alcohol related addiction. Addiction is defined as any behavior, substance-related or not, that brings temporary pleasure or relief, a behavior one craves but is unable to stop despite negative consequences. We look forward to growing our group to be a mainstay source of support on the Eastside with expansion to another group in the evening.

Contact: Laura Halford Phone- 425-462-8558    Email- laura at eastsidetherapists dot com

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